Galveston Island Documentary to air in Dallas and San Antonio

(From Texas Foundation for the Arts ) KERA-TV in Dallas will broadcast “Galveston Island” this Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7:00 p.m., and KLRN-TV in San Antonio will broadcast the program at 9:00 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 28.  We hope you will tune in to see our Ava award-winning program that has also been broadcast in Houston and Austin this month.

Texas Foundation for the Arts’ “Galveston Island” provides a compelling glimpse into the rich history and culture of one of Texas’ oldest and most treasured cities.

Known as the “City of Firsts,” Galveston was the first city in Texas to have electric lighting, the first telephone, and one of the state’s first newspapers.  Also known as “Sin City of the Gulf” the 1930s and 40s ushered in popular nightclubs, such as the renowned Balinese Room, back room gambling, and a thriving red light district.

Filming began in 2008, just two weeks prior to Hurricane Ike.  In the aftermath of the storm, the filmmakers captured the resiliency of the islanders during their struggle to rebuild, a scenario that mirrors the determination of the island residents to rebuild after the devastating 1900 storm…”

“Galveston Island” DVDs are available through HoustonPBS by calling Annette Smith at 713-743-1811.


  1. Janice Bigras says:

    How do I obtain a DVD on the Galveston Island show and how much would it be?

  2. Copies of “Galveston Island” can be purchased through Houston PBS.
    Programming Dept. at HoustonPBS, KUHT. 713/748-8888

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