Golden Age of Texas Courthouses Available at Amazon

With clock towers, turrets, domes and stained glass, Texas county courthouses are some of the most spectacular displays of Victorian architecture found anywhere in the United States. With most of them being built between 1881 and 1990, many were the first permanent structures in some counties in the Lone Star state, and remain lasting symbols of the regional rivalries that helped shape Texas.

Visit these beautiful buildings and hear the stories behind them in Texas Courthouses: The Golden Age, a three-part documentary that previously aired on public television. See the Goliad County Courthouse and its hanging tree, the courthouse in Shelby County modeled after Irish castles and the Parker County Courthouse underneath which a secret tunnel was discovered during restoration. Visit some of the states most monumental courthouses in Tarrant and Bell counties, as well as the distinct yellow courthouse in Harrison County. With more historic courthouses than any other state in the country, this is a unique and architecturally stunning tour of Texas! Click here to order.

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