Montrose, Texas: The Transformation of a Neighborhood

Produced for the Montrose Counseling Center, this 28-minute documentary explores the history, culture and essence of Montrose, one of Texas’ most colorful and legendary neighborhoods. Developed in the early 1900s as a neighborhood for Houston’s well-to-do, the area saw change in the 1960s as free-thinking, hippies and artists discovered the area. In the 1970s Montrose became the gay mecca of Texas. Having become rundown and seedy, the area entered a time of renewall as gay men and women saw the potential of the neighborhood and began to buy property and restore the rundown homes and buildings. The film provides an interesting, captivating look at the history of a unique niehgborhood, its transformation into an upscale community, and the societal issues it faces. The film premiered on HoustonPBS in 2009.

Produced by Sunset Productions in association with Montrose Counseling Center Director of Photography: Mark Susman
Editor: Mike Snow


  1. Amanda Brieger says:

    I absolutely LOVED this documentary about Montrose!!! So well done!! So much of it took me back to some of my favorite times, haunts, and cherished memories!! My brother moved to Houston in the early ’80’s and introduced me to Montrose. I moved here when he got sick. He is still hanging in and hanging on, but had to move back home for total care. I know that he would be SO THRILLED to see this documentary; it would truly take him on a stroll down memory lane and back to his glory days and fondest moments and cherished memories.
    I missed the opportunity to purchase a copy of this when it was being aired on a Houston PBS fundraiser. Is there a way to still purchase a copy?? I would greatly appreciate any information or help with purchasing a copy.
    Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work!! It means SO MUCH to SO MANY!!

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